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Learn how to shot with Zone Plates

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Romantic and ethereal, Zone Plates create soft and diffused images that are all about light. Once you have used a Zone Plate you learn to see in entirely new and unexpected ways. Like the pinhole, a Zone Plate is not a traditional lens. The image is formed by diffraction through a “bullseye” pattern printed on a small, clear disk, miraculously creating a focusable image on film or a digital sensor. Since Zone Plates gather more light than a pinhole, it can be used hand-held in bright light and can make interior images with reasonable exposure times.

Price: $395 + $100 materials fee | Members: $355.50 + $100 materials fee
Registration Deadline: Friday, September 27th

Zone Plate with Bryan Whitney

October 5 – 6, 2013 Daily, 10am – 6pm

Center for Alternative Photography (36 East 30th Street) Map it $495

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4d351b3693e5a68d002e2a8321aa70d5?s=50 Added By Erica Erica
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