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Celebrate the release of Zorina Zabrisky's debut novel with poets and performers at Viracocha

Editor Pick
Editor Pick

Winner of a 2013 Acker Award for Achievement in The Avant Garde, Zarina Zabrisky’s debut novel “We, Monsters” begs the age old question: what would the author’s life be like had she accepted an offer to become a dominatrix and Soviet spy rather than complete her courses as graduate student and become a writer? Celebrate the release of We, Monsters with Zabrisky and a whole host of writers, poets and performers at Viracocha.

Cooper Berkmoyer Editor

Zorina's Debut Novel Release Party: We, Monsters at Viracocha

Saturday, December 7, 2013 9pm

Viracocha (998 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA) Map it Free

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