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Flavorpill’s mission is to empower you to lead a more extraordinary life by connecting you with culture, people, and ideas that inspire you.

How It Began Flavorpill was started by Sascha Lewis and Mark Mangan as a simple text-based email in 2000 about a few good events in NYC. Since then we've launched in ten cities, and created a culture blog called Flavorwire, which reaches millions of people monthly. Our editors sort the good from the not-so-good, with the goal of inspiring people with great culture, and the NY Times once said our "seal of approval is considered the equivalent of a papal blessing". Now with the new Flavorpill we've decided to do more than just approve, but also involve.

Where It's Going In addition to handing out event blessings, we've also cultivated an amazing network of curators, venues, creators, and event goers, and have now given them access to contribute on Flavorpill, which is an open but filtered event platform led by editors. At the same time, Flavorwire editors give news updates and go deeper on culture stories.

What I Get from Flavorpill We'll keep you up to date on the events you care about and what your friends are up for doing. Just check in on the site a couple times a week, follow a few things, and open two emails: Your Week Ahead and the Weekend Edition.

What I Get from Flavorwire We give you daily news, opinion, and ideas on art, culture, and entertainment, from the US and around the globe. Created by Flavorpill Media, Flavorwire includes original reporting as well as updates, critique, commentary, and of course curation.


Yes, we're hiring!

Flavorpill is a team of five people, focused on engineering, design, UX, and project management. At the same time, we're supported by company of more than 50 full-time and freelance people in editorial, sales, marketing and events.

The team behind this site is focused on creating this new kind of platform, a global event marketplace which understands not only time and place, but also personal preferences and the relevance of editors and curators.

We're looking for a few inspired people to come join the engineering team. Experience in our technologies and processes is preferred but not required. We practice Agile XP, TDD, and Lean methodologies, and the stack is based on Ruby and Mongo.

Specifically, we're looking for:

Front-end Developer Junior Ruby on Rails Developer Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Contact us

594 Broadway Suite 1212
New York, NY 10012
V: 212.253.9309

Flavorpill Media
Founded: 2000
Headquarters: New York City
Offices: New York City, Los Angeles

Flavorpill was launched in Oct 2012 by Flavorpill Media, which also publishes the insightful and popular culture blog Flavorwire.