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Flavorpill is a social discovery engine and curated event marketplace that keeps you tapped into the cultural happenings around you. Find and follow things you like, see what your friends are into, and, if so inspired, get off the computer and go out.

This site was created to help you make the most of your city by making it easy to find, save, and share events with friends. Editors and curators are actively filling the site with great cultural picks — across art, film, music, theater, and more — and, at the same time, the site is open, letting you and your friends add interesting experiences you find around the web and save and share them in one place. And if you follow people, venues, and topics you like, we’ll start giving you recommendations.

How To Use This Site It's all pretty simple: there’s a huge database of events here, and we work to surface only the best things for you. Here's what to do:

1 - Find great events
Scan editor picks or look by date, genre, or through the calendars of curators and friends

2 - Save what looks interesting
Click the star and we'll save it for you in a calendar (and don't worry, we don't post to Facebook). We also send out weekly email reminders of events you're following so you don't miss a thing.

3 - Rally friends
Invite friends to events via email, Facebook, or text message, and get a plan going.

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