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Outfest began in 1982 when a group of UCLA students decided to bring more visibility to the LBQT community through cinematic storytelling. From the erstwhile "Gay and Lesbian Media Festival and Conference" to simply "Outfest," it's the oldest continuously running film fest in Los Angeles, screening groundbreaking films like tonight's hotly anticipated "Before You Know It." This documentary provides a look into a world rarely seen by most of us: that of LBQT seniors. The film explores the lives of three gay elders: the proprietor of the longest-surviving gay bar in Texas; a man who is finally, in his later years, able to be honest about his sexuality and cross-dressing; and a New Yorker hoping his boyfriend will eventually propose marriage.

Karin E. Baker, Editor

Lindsay Barenz

Outfest Presents "Before You Know It"

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