Every summer for over a decade people have flocked to Bryant Park to perform sun salutations under the clear blue sky and meditate in the lush-green outdoors, free of charge. This summer Bryant Park Yoga, running through September 18, held its biggest event to date attracting over 5,000 participants.


The bi-weekly, one hour classes are offered on Tuesday mornings in the Park’s 136 by 56 foot  Upper Terrace, adjacent to the café and overlooking the garden, and on Thursday evenings in the massive central lawn flanked by trees. The green space also hosts the park’s other summer events, such as the HBO Summer Film Festival and Broadway in Bryant Park.


The instructors, sourced from YogaWorks, which has over 24 studios across California and New York, bring their unique teaching styles and expertise to the classes. Anna Hughes-Dioguardi’s cardio style yoga merges calmness and sweat, while Lindsay Ashmun focuses on a graceful Vinyasa flow that strengthens your core and alignment. Performance apparel brand Athleta provides a selection colorful, eco-friendly mats, so put on your yoga pants and get ready to be rejuvenated in Bryant Park.

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