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Making their debut in 1965, Tacoma, WA's The Sonics were punk before there was punk. They were signed to a major label and followed the era's tradition of recording covers from the rock songbook like "Louie Louie", but their then-radical sound – lots feedback, grinding chords, ramshackle vocals – made them pioneers of garage rock. Far ahead of their time, they never achieved the widespread acclaim they deserved and disbanded early, gaining notoriety only as garage rock resurfaced in the 1990s. Fifty years after their last album they reunite to tour with a new one, the longest gap between recordings in the history of rock. The members are now in their seventies but still have the energy and snarl that keeps their music timeless. They're glad to be back, and it shows onstage.
Zoë Leverant

The Sonics

Irving Plaza
17 Irving Pl, New York, NY