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We aren't sure if it's a publicity stunt or just a funny coincidence, but a month prior to the release of his second feature Dealin' with Idiots, Garlin was arrested for smashing someone's car window over a parking spot dispute at a CVS. Luckily no one is pressing charges, and the man we've come to know and love as Larry David's manager on Curb Your Enthusiasm is able to appear tonight to discuss his career in writing, directing, acting and performing stand-up with Academy-award winner Michael Moore. As for Dealin' with Idiots, which is set to release at IFC Center and on VOD on Wednesday, the film steers clear of parking perils, but rather takes on the absurdity of sports parents and stars Gina Gershon, Jami Gertz, and Bob Odenkirk, among others.

Mindy Bond, Editor

Lindsay Barenz

A Conversation with Jeff Garlin

92Y Harkness Dance Center
1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY