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Nestled into the mural-filled alleyway between two landmarks of the Beat movement (the alley itself was renamed Jack Kerouac Alley in 2007 to honor the freewheeling writer who first coined the term "Beat Generation"), A Fair to Remember has a bit of the boho flair that's fitting to its location — a punny name, handmade crafts, handmade banners, and a crowd of shoppers who appreciate local products that are mixed, hammered, printed, sewn, or selected by hand. Our suggestion: Stroll through the fair with a fresh-baked roll in hand, then pop next door to browse the shelves of City Lights or to grab a drink at Vesuvio — a perfect agenda for a late summer afternoon in the city.

Bonnie Chan, Editor

Lindsay Barenz

A Fair to Remember

Jack Kerouac Alley
Jack Kerouac Alley, San Francisco, CA