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Even in this Internet age of relaxed musical biases, any given live-music bill or DJ residency still tends to favor a single genre. LA's own Check Yo Ponytail, however, programs its parties like people program their iPods: that is, all over the damn place. Co-founder Franki Chan (IHEARTCOMIX) stays true to his borderless doctrine with a steady stream of hardcore punk, lo-fi, indie-hop, DFA dance, witch house, hashtag rap, and more. Headlining CYP2's latest show is British-based electro musician Zomby, with support from Ohio's Teengirl Fantasy; SFV Acid from — where else? The San Fernando Valley — Reseda, to be exact; and yet another local favorite, Low Limit.

Stephen Gossett, Editor

Lindsay Barenz

Check Yo Ponytail

1154 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA