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Here's a festival that's sure to make lo-bit and chip-music fans swoon. lWlVl Festival (pronounced low-level) is a two-day event produced by lo-bit experts from Pulsewave, Kick*Snare and Control Flow, that brings together 14 live music and visual performances, large scale installations, and an interactive arcade. Featuring artists that pare electronic music down to its most basic sonic building blocks, among those scheduled to appear are Shirobon, MonsterVision, Slime Girls, MEISHI SMILE and live visualist Raquel Meyers. As for the installations, Daniel Temkin's YeepEepEep and Phillip Stearns's Entity 1 are going to be on display, and the arcade contains more than 10 indie games with custom-made cabinets. If you're DIY-minded and enjoy tinkering with vintage computer and video games, this meet-up is right up your alley.

Mindy Bond, Editor

Lindsay Barenz

lWlVl Festival

Villain LLC
50 N 3rd St, New York, NY