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For this site-specific production in a chic bar on the Lower East Side, curious patrons drop in to try the potions created by Charley the bartender - her elixirs can temporarily make the miserable happy, the disinterested lovelorn and the shy extroverted. Playwright Kiran Rikhye's innovative spoken text mimics the rhythms, themes and patterns of classical operas. The cast performs their overlapping, intertwined lines while keeping time to the foot-pounded drum and tambourine of live one-man band Sean Cronin, whose hands switch between guitar, upright bass, synthesizer & banjo. Add in three delicious cocktails served throughout the show, the best of which involves mezcal and a smoked salt/chili rim, and Potion equals a truly original, flat out fun evening.

John Peacock


Lindsay Barenz


163 Allen St, New York, NY