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If you love a good mystery, then the pterosaurs exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History should be of interest. Believed to have ruled the skies during the age of the dinosaurs, the pterosaur is a reptilian creature with wings that extended from their fourth finger to their ankles. Some are said to have been as large as 33-feet tall. In this fascinating exhibit, the museum pieces together the existence of these ancient flying animals. On view are rare fossils, life-size models, interviews with experts, and interactive exercises, including a installation that allows you to pilot a pterosaur. Overseen by curator Mark Norell of the Division of Paleontology, and co-curator Alexander Kellner, paleontologist at the Museu Nacional in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, the exhibit provides much food for thought about what life might have been like during the prehistoric era.

Mindy Bond

Lindsay Barenz

Pterosaurs Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs

American Museum of Natural History
Central Park W, New York, NY