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Plays like The Realistic Joneses don't usually arrive on Broadway. They usually find their way to excellent off-broadway companies like Soho Rep, Playwright Horizons, and The Signature Theatre. This play is dark, ruthless, and very, very funny. Tracy Letts and Toni Collette are greeted by new neighbors in Marisa Tomei and Michael C. Hall but everything isn't about bringing over cookies and borrowing a cup of sugar, though the latter is attempted. The characters speak truthfully, losing all pretense of manners. They say what they really mean, and many times that highlights their misery both with themselves and others. It's a strangely affecting play though, causing both emotions of sadness, foreboding at a future, lingering decay that is inevitable, and jesting through awkwardness and misery. While this play is not for everyone, the avid theatergoer is rewarded by the writer's ingenuity and craftsmanship with words. It's a play that polarizes its audience but it's a strong, original play to hit Broadway season that deserves attention.

Matt Dorville


Lindsay Barenz

The Realistic Joneses 1

Lyceum Theatre
149 W 45th St, New York, NY