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Here’s a production that you can really sink your teeth into. Written by Adam Scott Mazer, The Tower, which gets its name from the tarot card that represents chaos, is a creative re-telling of the Donner Party tragedy. As the legend goes, in 1846 a group of American pioneers set out for California by wagon train. Eventually becoming trapped in the Sierra Nevada due to snowy conditions, some of the emigrants resorted to cannibalism to survive. Presented by AntiMatter Collective, a daring young theater group we can’t get enough of, the play is performed in the round (of sorts), allowing the audience to become intimately connected to the drama. Moving back and forth in time, and employing projections, inventive staging, contemporary music, and a hearty helping of wit, this fully fleshed out production is thoroughly captivating.

Mindy Bond


Lindsay Barenz

The Tower

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