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The booming Oakland art scene oft unfolds itself in nook-n-cranny habitations. Maybe you've seen the Cotton Mill off of Interstate 880 in industrial Oakland, the seemingly dilapidated brick behemoth with the outdated analog clock tower and smudgy, layer after rush hour layer facade. This was for a long time the largest textile mill west of the Mississippi before being sliced in half, samurai-style, by the construction of the Nimitz Freeway. Now the Cotton Mill has become a maze of artists' live-work studios and hosts a quarterly speakeasy-ish Friday art happening called F3. Cross the threshold from grit and concrete to art and fine taste, champagne, food trucks, spoken work and live music bliss.

Joshua Wyatt, Editor

Lindsay Barenz

F3 at the Cotton Mill: Happy BirF3day

the Cotton Mill Studios
1091 Calcot Pl, Oakland, CA